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About Us

Working with companies of all shapes and sizes, we noticed some patterns.

While businesses layer in more technology and become more integrated, silos remain. VPs of sales spend too much time putting out operational fires. Marketers struggle to understand attribution. CEOs remain unable to report accurate numbers to their boards.

We had a realization: modern businesses need a new set of operations skills and leadership. One centralized operations program to see the whole picture, align systems and processes, and provide an accountable source of trustworthy reporting.

We call this revenue operations.

And we call ourselves Iceberg.


Our name represents our philosophy.

Your reports are the tip of the proverbial iceberg. To get those right, the systems under the surface must be well built.

We leverage deep operations expertise to help you implement the right systems, tools, and training so that you can trust your reporting — and focus on your job.



  • Operations leadership Operations leaders with deep experience in sales, marketing and customer success operations who can help guide you to the right decisions for your business.
  • Systems administration We have experience implementing, cleaning and administering over 100 systems. These include CRMs, marketing automation, data providers, CPQ, outbound engagement, sales enablement and more.

Documentation and training

Building great operational infrastructure is only valuable if your teams know how to operate within it. We provide documentation and training to ensure that everyone understands how to execute.


Canonical Reporting

We arm your teams with trustworthy reporting of their critical metrics in the form of Metrics Packs that are customized, built, and managed for you.


Iceberg has a combined over 100 years of experience working with companies of all sizes.
Taft Love
Director of Operations

Taft grew up in North Carolina, where he attended East Carolina University before working as a police officer and SWAT team member.

He focused on financial crimes as a detective and federal task force member. In the seven years since Taft switched to the private sector, he has worked in sales development, sales, and operations for high-growth startups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Scott Wiggins

Scott grew up in Idaho, where he attended the University of Idaho before beginning his career in sales as an orthopedic medical device rep in the northwest region.

After nine years of growing his territory and building a sales team, Scott transitioned into software sales. Since then, he has been leveraging his sales and sales development experience with venture-backed tech startups. When he’s not working, Scott spends time with his family and trains for the next Iron Man.

What Our Clients Say