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Iceberg for Sales

Iceberg aligns your systems and processes with how you sell, so you can focus on closing.

How rev ops impacts sales

Broken operations get in the way of hitting your number.


Answering simple questions about your funnel turns into a major project.


Without trustworthy metrics, you can’t assess performance, allocate resources and build your team.


Marketing passes your team new leads, and you’re not sure when — or if — they’ve been contacted.

Step 1:

Put out fires


Receive a comprehensive audit of your sales operations and systems.

Funnels fixed

Understand whether your revenue funnel has leaks and fix them.

Step 2:

Align systems and processes with your sales motion

Trust your process

Reduce friction in your process, so you can get to your goals, faster.

Trust your reporting

Make decisions based on a single, trustworthy source of data.

Step 3:

Create documentation and train your reps


Iceberg trains your sales reps on all process and tool updates. You can rest easy knowing that your team understands what is expected of them.


Training alone isn’t enough. Iceberg inserts documentation inside your CRM, where your reps work, so the training sticks.

Start with a free 10-point inspection

Iceberg’s free evaluation checks your CRM and marketing automation for 10 best practices.