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Iceberg for Executives

Ask your VP of Sales how many leads came in last month. Now, ask your VP of Marketing. Did they give you the same answer?

If not, we can help.

You can’t scale based on data you don’t trust

Untrustworthy reporting is a symptom of broken operations.

Metrics. Simple metrics like lead conversion rates, net churn, and pipeline creation take days to measure.

With different teams and tools reporting different numbers, metrics are unreliable at best, guesswork at worst.

Decisions based on untrustworthy data can be costly.

Being unable to answer questions about metrics and performance in a
board meeting — or trying to explain errors in
unreliable data — is embarrassing.

Preparing data for board meetings should take minutes, not days


Revenue Funnel Iceberg gets a birds-eye view of your entire revenue funnel, then designs, builds and manages dashboards you can trust

Metrics Packs With Iceberg’s metrics packs, pulling trustworthy metrics across all revenue teams is as easy as refreshing a dashboard.